5. 5. 2022  19.00 CET

It’s often hard to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

Even when people shed extra pounds, 95% regain that weight within 3 years - usually with an annoying "bonus".

So should we stop trying? 

Of course not! 

Instead of giving up, learn how to create a bright, beautiful life that’s full of energy!

How can anyone stop yoyo dieting and start permanent weight loss? 

Do you want to learn the secret? 

Well, it’s free and easy!

Just save your spot for the webinar that offers powerful ideas and techniques that really work!

Nutrition, diets and other usual suspects

Why do most people fail when they follow the old "eat less and move more" advice? Because they don’t know how to END YOYO DIETING, how to LOSE WEIGHT SUCCESSFULY AND PERMANENTLY without hunger and cravings.

Why don’t you see results, even when you’re exercising?

Nothing is more disappointing than showing up, exercising for hours but still not seeing results you desire. Learn how to leave behind those long, boring hours of exercise and enjoy FAST RESULTS you want to have

How many meals per day are ideal for you?

Five meals per day is outdated concept. Replace frequent eating with an IDEAL NUMBER OF MEALS PER DAY TO LOSE WEIGHT without constantly thinking and worrying about food. Save so much time to enjoy life!

Hello, I´m Olga

In my 18 years of working with clients, I’ve emphasized the value of proven weight loss science.

This is even better when I add psychology into the mix, and work with everyone in their personal situation.

This is the philosophy of WELCOME FITNESS.

Everyone has their own story, and I would love to hear yours.

I work with women who’ve always heard "It's easy, right? Just eat less and exercise more."

Well, weight loss is much more than food and exercise.

So if you just don’t know what to try, and wonder how to create real change in your life, join me in the free webinar.

That is where you and me - us! - will find and light the path for you.

Let´s go!

I always hear the same from women who want to lose weight. They believed unproven ideas they heard, read a post on Social Media. 

They followed the instructions in good faith.

 After partial and temporary success, their metabolism slowed down. 

Then they soon regained the weight… usually with extra pounds. Now you can learn why. 

Find out what slows down your metabolism.

How many meals a day are ideal for you.

Why you don’t lose weight even if you are exercising. 

And much more. 

I’ll answer your questions during the free, friendly webinar. 

It is full of practical tips and hacks you can implement immediately. 

Information that will improve and speed up your results.



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