It’s your time to feel better, to be healthy and fit,
to just glow

  • Do you feel like you’ve dieted your whole life?
  • Do you feel guilty when you eat too much, or eat the “wrong” food?
  • Are you ready to give up, thinking you’ll never be thin and beautiful?

In this course you will learn:

  • Practical tips for quickly, effectively improving your lifestyle
  • How to define fitness goal you will actually reach. And how motivation and habits work
  • How motivation and habits really work.
  • About unconscious blocks-- and ways to remove them.
  • How to create a meal plan you’ll love
  • Personalized, enjoyable exercise routines
  • How to use super foods and supplements to speed your results.

Practical information

The COURSE starts right away!
LIVE group coaching meeting each Tuesday at 7pm

Facebook group

Post questions for me and the group anytime,
and share your experiences


3 private coaching sessions with me
Nutrition audit
Guided meditation
Personalized online quiz

Hello, I’m Olga

I have two certifications for personal trainers, one from ACE in the United States.

In my 18 years of helping clients, I always include lessons from science, the importance of psychology, and helping everyone from where they are now.

WELCOME is based on these principles.

Everyone has their own story, and I would love to hear yours.

I’ll never forget feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated after my third pregnancy.

I didn’t think I could ever juggle the schedule of my husband and two kids.

I even imagined it will be easy peasy after all my parenting experience.

Not so. In fact, it was worse…

My feminine energy was shot!

I just did  all the moves with greasy hair, using my pregnancy clothes to cover those extra pounds.

I was tired, breast feeding all day and half of the night, swamped with cleaning and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel.

Forget about anything I loved, like… hobbies… reading… working.

The kids just wouldn´t let me.

But I could do one thing, even with the kids--

That was when the magic started.

I realized that weight loss is much more than reducing food and adding exercise.

Isn’t that what my exercise students were always told…

"It's easy, right?”

“Just eat less and exercise more.”

“NO, that isn’t right!”

So, if you still aren’t sure how to create real change in your life, join me in my webinar.

You and me—us!—we will light the path for you… together.      

Start your journey now!

Our body is miraculous.


It can adapt to almost anything!

If we give it the chance and the right tools, it will work for us.

When you become fit, your body will stabilize at the weight you want, so you and we will feel healthy and happy.

Your new body will feel incredibly youthful, strong, flexible and light.

New energy will flow within and through you.

You’ll experience surprising, enjoyable "side effects":

attractive clothes, men’s attention, health benefits, and much more.

The success of fitness will expand all parts of your life.

You will deal confidently with finances, carrier, parenting, social life, travel and more.

Most precious of all is the transformation itself.

No more overeating, no more boring hours on treadmill, no more restrictions on the foods you love.

You’ll just look into the mirror… and smile!

What you will learn in the course in order to take fitness into your own hands now:







Practical tips for weight loss and a comfortable, healthy lifestyle.

Goals, motivation and habits to ensure success.

Psychology of weight loss and the subconscious blocks that prevent weight loss.


Create your own tasty meal plan you will enjoy

A fitness routine you can achieve and love.

Speed ​​up your results with super foods and supplements.

What do my clients say?

All clients who took at least four sessions with me, which they approached with and open heart and sincere desire for change, transformed their lives.

"Perfect plan: Seemingly logical things but I had to hear them in order to really understand them. With movement which is not punishment, without diets and with the opportunity to enjoy family gatherings and parties. And those even more, because I look much better and feel much better. And I dont even know nor care how many pounds lighter I am.“

Anna, Germany

I decided to cooperate with Olga some time after my second delivery. With regard to my obligations regarding taking care of family I needed to find the most simple and also pleasurable way how to return to weight when I feel my best. I was surprised how supportive Olga is. She is empathetic, non judgemental, gives so much attention and authentic care. I received practical recommendations and foremost new motivation and trust that I can manage it. It is so nice to have support on the journey and it's for sure more effective that me trying to manage the change just by myself.

Iva, Czechia

Because I give individualized, personal care to all participants, the number of spots is limited!
Lets go, start glowing today!

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